There are a large number of festivals and events in our town Nizza Monferrato and in the surrounding towns. They take place throughout the year – there is allways something exciting happening every weekend within a radius of 50 km!


Here are some of the most important:



Giro del Nizza – 18. April 2021

This is an event organized by the NIZZA DOCG wine producers. The tour starts at the Enoteca in the city center, where you will be given glasses and maps of the participating wine producers. Then you just travel around from one vinery to the next, taste good wines and be served some light food .


Nizza é Barbera – 7.-9. May 2021

Nizza é Barbera is the biggest festival of the year in Nizza Monferrato. Thousands of people gather to taste the district’s best wines and eat good food. Wine tastings are arranged and the streets are filled with stalls. All the restaurants move the activities out onto the streets and there is an international food festival on one of the city’s piazzas.

Corsa delle botti 11.-13. June 2021

This weekend, 16 municipalities around Nizza are competing to roll wine casks of 1000 liters as quickly as possible through Niizza’s narrow city center. A competition filled with testosterone, speed, excitement and of course good wine and food. An incredibly fun experience!

Harvest festivals – in many of the cities throughout September

During September, many festivals are held around the district to celebrate this year’s harvest – a highlight for the winegrowers that really requires celebration!

Barbera Fish Festival 15.-17. October 2021

Barbera Fish Festival – a meeting between Norwegian fish and barbera wine in Agliano Terme – every other year the second weekend in October. In even-numbered years there is another festival at the same time in Agliano Terme.!


The Alba Truffle Festival – October 9 – December 2, 2021

The Alba truffle festival in is an international big festival that is arranged to celebrate this year’s white truffle from Alba. In addition to the truffle itself which is auctioned, sold and eaten in many variations, There is a large festival where various local food products (sweets, honey, cheese, cured meats, pasta, ….) and of course wine and grappa are presented and consumed!

Fiera del Bue Grasso – 6. December  2020

Fiera del Bue Grasso e del Manzo Piemontese – Cattle market in Nizza Monferrato for the local Fassonebreed from Piemonte. First weekend in December.