work in the vineyard

In addition to offering holiday apartments for rent, wine production  is also an important part of on activity at Cascina Collina. As of today, a total of eight wines are produced on the farm. Most of the wine is exported to Norway where it is sold through the Norwegian Wine Monopoly. In addition, a large part is sold on the farm to guests and visitors as well as to local restaurants. Our work in the vineyard and wine production is based on ecological and biodynamic principles.

Our vineyards

At present, there is a total of 2.7 Ha of planted vineyard on the farm. The age of the vines range from approx. 65 years old to completely newly planted. At the start in 2006, the farm had approx. 1.75 Ha vinmark. Since then an apple orchard has been replaced with vineyards, and a plot of about 0.95 Ha has been purchased..